Based in Current Science

People have been interested in personality for thousands of years; it is crucial to working together.  In 450 B.C., the Greek physician Hippocrates suggested that individual biology affects the way humans act. In the early 1900s, psychologists theorized that individuals have innate psychological types and preferred behaviors. Many of the popular methodologies in the marketplace today are still based on thinking from the early 1900s.
Only NeuroColor’s assessment started with biology and has had the results validated with biology in addition to traditional methods.

Just as the understanding of many aspects of science and technology has advanced rapidly in the last 100 years, modern science provides more sophisticated tools to understand the underpinnings of personality.

In her role as Chief Scientific Advisor to, Dr. Fisher studied personality traits found in the biological literature. She developed a questionnaire directly from biology and was the first to show that the majority of measurable normal personality traits fell into four broad neural systems (the dopamine, serotonin, testosterone and estrogen systems).

Her validated inventory has been taken by over 14 million people in 40 countries since 2006 and her peer-reviewed and replicated research results have been published in top scientific journals. Helen’s latest published study uses Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) of the brain to physically observe exactly how the personality traits she measures align with the four broad neural systems. Only NeuroColor’s assessment started with biology and has had the results validated with biology in addition to traditional methods.

At NeuroColor, Dr. Fisher and David Labno have developed and validated a business-focused second generation questionnaire, the NeuroColor Temperament Inventory, which builds on, refines and integrates the success of the first inventory and has now been completed by over 5,000 people.

Most importantly, we make the science easy to use and apply!

Everyone has the four broad systems underlying personality but the intensity and specific traits are different in each person. It is the unique mix of the systems that comprise our individual personality. NeuroColor measures personality characteristics using four colors to represent the four brain systems. In addition, NeuroColor introduces a revolutionary enhancement to the old notion of extroversion and introversion.

Our approach works in the real world because the concepts explain behaviors that our clients already recognize in themselves and others. Our NeuroColor Individual Personality Report not only identifies the taker’s preferences using color but also describes the intensity of particular traits to achieve a level of granularity that is unique to NeuroColor. Each section of the Report focuses on issues relevant to business such as communication, motivation, stress causes and influencing style.